What Every Home Seller Should Know

Selling Your Home

Whether this is the first time you have ever sold a home or this is the fifth time you sold your home, it’s always important to go over the current real estate market as well as any new current laws that apply to home sellers.

Our goal is the same, to get your house SOLD and with our expertise and your cooperation we will make a perfect team.  We know the unique selling points of your home and your neighborhood. More money and less time on the market means less selling stress.

The steps below will help form our objective which is to sell your home.

Let’s get started by gathering some key points:

  • Your home’s value
  • Steps to selling your home
  • What we will do to sell your home
  • How to prepare your home to sell
  • Key steps for sellers
  • What every seller should know
  • Finance information

Your Home’s Value

Proper pricing will sell your home and with our expertise in knowing the neighborhood and years of experience as well as extensive Internet presence you will be in good hands. There are buyers registered on Sacramento Real Estate Neighborhoods right now you just might be your home buyer.

Give us a call and let’s get started preparing your home for sale by calling 916-417-2699

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